Apr 3, 2015

Friday Freebie

It's Friday, and that means it's time for a Friday Freebie. Today's is for anyone looking for a last minute decoration for Easter Sunday Lunch/Dinner. It could even be a project for the kiddos because it's as simple as Click Print and Cut.

Here's what you get  absolutely FREE:

  • Printable place cards/food tent cards

  • "HAPPY EASTER" Banner. 

The cute little bunny graphics are courtesy of Jessica Sawyer Designs.

To download please click the links below:

This is my first attempt at Free Downloads and using Google Drive. If you run into any problems, please don't hesitate to send me an email at stylishpartysupplies@gmail.com and I'll be happy to email you the files.

Mar 31, 2015

DIY Printable Party Package Instructions

Congratulations, you've purchased one of our DIY Printable Party Packages, or individual items. Well it can be as easy as click, print cut, or if you want to dress it up there are plenty of options. It all depends on the time and energy you have.

First some basics, most of our items are set up to print on basic 8.5x11 paper/card stock. Invitations print 2 per page as does our banners' letters. Our cupcake toppers, goody bag toppers, 2x2 tags, those all vary depending on size, but they still all print on standard size paper/card stock.

It's not mandatory, but it's highly recommended that when printing up your package, you do so on heavy duty card stock. Below is a list of supplies you'll need:

  • Printer
  • White Card Stock (I usually print on 110# bright white to Office Depot)
  • Scissors/Heavy Duty Paper Cutter
  • Colored Card Stock (Optional)
  • Glue/Other Adhesive
  • Hole Punch
  • Coordinating Ribbon or Tulle (for banner and Welcome Signs)
  • Toothpicks or LolliPop sticks for CupCake Toppers.
You can bypass the printer, white card stock and scissors, by having your items printed at Office Depot, Staples, or any other print shop. For a small fee, they'll even cut it for you. 

If you received a jpg file for your invitation, you can send it to Walgreens, CVS or Wal-Mart's photo centers to be printed.

Now for the detailed instructions:
  1. Print files. The beauty of the DIY Packages are you can print exactly what you need as far as invitations go. 
  2. Once printed you can cut out your items, this is where paper cutters come in handy. Sure scissors can do the trick, but a paper cutter, is definitely a God send for cutting multiple sheets of paper at the same time or just cutting straight. Look at the variety you can find at Michael's Craft Stores.
  3. If you chose to matte your invitation or banner or welcome sign, your items will be .25" smaller around than the suggested size. So all banner pieces measure 4.75x6.75, 5x7 Invitations same thing. 
        • What is Matting? It's a way to add a little personal touch, because the possibilities are endless.

      • Notice the pretty colorful border around? That's matting. On the left you have a coordinating blue matte. On the right, since it's a graduation invitation, we went with a double matte, in school colors.
    4. Once you've cut your pieces and your matting (reference the chart below for size guidelines for specific items), center the pieces on the matting and adhere together with your favorite adhesive. My favorite is the Scotch Advanced Tape Glider. Readily available at Michael's Craft Stores. Don't forget to download your Michael's App and use the coupon area to save 40% off.

   5. If you are working on invitations, you are done at this point. For the banner, measure about .25 on an angle from each of the top corners. Mark it and this is where you'll hole punch.

  6. Once all the pieces are hole punched you can either use tule or ribbon to string it together. Alternatively, you can use two different colors, and use smaller pieces of ribbon and tule to tie each piece together individually. (Pictures will be posted soon!!)

  7.  For the food tent cards, you may be wondering why the matte size is 5x3. The reason is, you'll be folding the matte pieces in half to form a 2.5x3 piece. You'll then adhere the print pieces to the matte, leaving .25 inch border at the top and bottom. If you would like a border all the way around then when you cut the matte pieces, they should be 5x3.5.

 If you have any questions, or you are having any difficulty, please don't hesitate to contact me at stylishpartysupplies@gmail.com, I'll be happy to assist you in anyway. 

Of course, if all this is too much, don't forget you can always just purchase the ADD Print Option, and I will do all the work for you. 

Thanks for your purchase I hope your event is a success!!

Welcome Back

Planning a party? Wedding? Baby Shower? Or any other social gathering? Then you are probably in the market for ideas on themes, invitations, party favors, programs, place cards and more.

So why choose me? Because how many times have you seen an invitation, but it was out of your budget, or maybe it wasn't the right colors. Or maybe you had an idea for something but didn't know how to quite put it together. I love being given these "missions" by my friends and customers with their party/wedding needs.

One of my favorite's was a wedding a couple of years back. The bride, Jessie, contacted me she liked my work, but had something different in mind. She asked if I'd be willing to work with her to put her vision together. Of course I accepted the "mission", as long as I was physically able to do it. She wanted shimmer card stock, which I wasn't sure how it would print on my printer, not to mention I had to find a vendor. I hit Google and quickly found a vendor. Then there was the aspect of, rhinestone accents, and finding a way to adhere tiny rhinestones without making a mess, was another challenge. My husband, Joe, was a huge help with this order. We quickly figured it out together and the biggest reward came when she sent me the picture below of how everything came together. Thus, my Jessie line was born for Brides-to-Be. 

More recently, after a break from doing all of this, because, you know,  life just got so busy with 3 boys and sports and school, and watching newborns/toddlers that kept multiplying during the day :), my girlfriend asked if I'd help with her daughter's 8th grade graduation. She sent me pins from Pinterest. With comments like "So I thought this saying was cute, but i also like "fiesta like there's no maƱana.." or "I really like this style and how it's laid out, but minus the margarita glass :)..." and finally there's "I like the colors on this and the flag banner design at the top..." My mission I chose to accept, was create one invitation that incorporated all the likes of the 3 pins sent over. 

With my renewed passion for accepting missions, and also providing predesigned party and event stationary packages, I bring you the new Stylish Party Supplies. The graphics are from a variety of fellow ETSY businesses, because you know us small business owners should stick together, right? The actual invitation layouts are designed by myself, with maybe a little assistance from my 3 boys or handsome hubby. 

At Stylish Party Supplies you will find:
  • DIY Holiday cards/tags
  • Favorite Holiday Recipes
  • DIY Gifts/Favors
  • and More
If there's anything you don't see, or you see but you'd like to modify layouts etc. Just let me know. I love accepting any missions thrown my way!

Finally, a BIG HUGE THANK YOU to Alicia over at Dreamlike Magic for her wonderful design of this new blog layout, as well as our new ETSY Shop Set. Please be sure to stop by her site and view her talented designs for blogs, Facebook, and scrapbooking.